Our Process

At Eastgate Financial Group, we believe that a well-defined process, diligently executed and continually refined, is key to financial success. We deliver comprehensive wealth management through a collaborative planning process. This process is also the framework by which we define, build and strengthen our client relationships. The nature of these relationships is rooted in partnership: we value people, not transactions. Partnership relies on a strong level of mutual trust. We strive to earn and maintain that trust through straightforward, transparent and honest communication.

We have outlined the six steps of our process below.

Step 1

Introductory Consultation

During our first meeting, we begin to discuss your planning needs, including your present concerns and future wealth management goals. We don’t get into specific numbers or investment recommendations. Rather, the purpose of this introductory consultation is to get to know you, and for you to get to know us, so that we can determine if we have a suitable foundation for a partnership.

Step 2

Tell Your Financial Story

We review the key financial information you have provided in order to gain a clear understanding of your financial picture. Our discussions during this second meeting go deeper as we continue to gather data that will help us develop your personal financial strategy. We want to hear your story. How do you feel about your current financial position? Where are you today, and where would you like to be? What financial planning have you already done to get there?

Step 3

Develop Your Strategy

Taking the data that you have provided and the information we gathered during our first two discussions, we craft a strategy to address your financial goals and objectives. The scope of the strategy will depend on your situation. Perhaps you want to focus on a single goal: retirement income planning. Or perhaps your needs require solutions across a larger range of services. Your strategy can be as targeted or as comprehensive as you desire.

Step 4

Present Your Plan

After we develop your customized strategy, we present it to you, answer any questions you may have and confirm that it addresses all of your wealth management needs and objectives. We walk through each recommendation to discuss timelines, responsibilities and next steps.

Step 5

Act on Your Plan

Once you approve the strategy, we take the proper steps to put the plan in action. Acting as your personal CFO, we can coordinate action items with your attorneys, CPAs and other members of your professional advisory team. Should you need a referral for other professional services, we have a number of longstanding relationships in the area and would be happy to make an introduction.

Step 6

Live Your Plan

Your financial needs may change – and likely will – after your strategy is developed. It is important that your plan have the flexibility to change and adapt with you. That’s why we regularly monitor your plan and conduct annual reviews to make sure that you continue to stay on track toward your goals.